Sunday, 19 July 2015

Area to focus !

Core Java
OOPs, classes, interfaces, inner classes, Generics etc
Serialization, custom serialization
Collections (Linked HashSet, HashMap, TreeMap etc)
Multithreading (volatile, ThreadPool, Locks etc)
Data Structures
Lists, Trees, Graphs, Queues, Stacks etc
Problem Solving, Time complexity analysis
Design principles and data structures in context of some real time problem
Basic SQL Queries
DB modelling, Query Tuning, Indexes, Qry Plans etc
Spring/ Other frameworks
Spring Core, Dependency Injection, Transaction Management etc
Soft Skills
Communication Skills, Adaptable, Never say die attitude

Interview Process :

·  Online Test
·  Coding Exercise
·  Technical Interview
·  Attributes Interview

Skills to be focused are mentioned below :
·         Core Java
·         OOPS Concepts
·         Immutability & Mutability of Class
·         Inner Classes
·         Serialization
·         Collections
·         JDK 1.5 (enums, generics, annotations, wild cards, compile time/ run rime, type-erasure)
·         Exception Handling
·         Garbage Collection
·         Multithreading
·         Synchronization
·         Concurrent Hashmaps
·         Concurrency APIs(CountdownLatch, Cyclic Barrier & Semaphores)
·         Design patterns
·         DataStructures
·         Algorithms
·         Collections
·         J2EE
·         Spring
·         Hibernate(Any ORM apart from Hibernate will also work)
·         JSP, Servlets
·         Databases

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